I am a writer of fiction – mostly fantasy – and I have just completed my first novel, Trial by Fire, which is the first in a fantasy trilogy following the exploits of Virgil Irons and his friends as they strive to survive on the Road, where adventurers – the good and the bad alike – must tread delicately along a thin line between success and failure, and becoming a legend or just another bleached skeleton crumbling to dust.  Here’s the blurb:

With the soil atop his father’s grave still fresh, Virgil Irons now stands alone on the precipice of a new chapter in his life.  The son of a famous adventurer, he must deal with the pressures of his lineage, the expectations of his peers, and somehow carve out a life for himself in the meantime.  Trained by the legendary Rufus Irons himself, Virgil is a deadly foe, but it will take more than a quick fist to survive on the Road.  First he must train and hone his skills at the secretive Duskshield Academy, a training ground for potential adventurers, under the expert tutelage of veterans of the Road.

Follow the story of Virgil and his friends – Monty and Ari – as they are hurled into a dangerous world that they are not ready for, and that none of them fully understand.  Fear and mistrust are rife and the three young initiates will need every ounce of training – and each other – if they are to survive.

The Road has called…

Please feel free to pop over and visit my website, which has info about what I’m doing and links to the books, available in both Kindle and paperback varieties on Amazon.  Here’s the link to the website:


Cheers for the visit, folks!

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